Round 02

All Things Devours – half sick of shadows

“All Things Devours is a short piece of interactive fiction, leaning strongly towards the text-adventure end of the spectrum. It explores an all-too-familiar science fiction paradigm in what I hope is a rather refreshing and satisfying manner.” So, I guess we’ll see.


Will Not Let Me Go – Stephen Granade

One of my greatest fears is dementia. A little nervous about playing this one.


The Wand – Arthur DiBianca

This looks to be a bit of a puzzle fest style game. The name is not inspiring, may be bland.


You Will Select A Decision – Brendan Patrick Hennessy

Fake Soviet Choose Your Own style stories translated poorly into English? Uh, yeah! Totally.


The King of Shreds and Patches – Jimmy Maher

A novel length, Lovecraftian horror. I like long and involved game. This seems to be right up my alley. And perhaps the game will have alleys for me to explore.