Round 01

Round 01 Wrap-up

May contain SPOILERS for the following games:

Planetfall | 9:05 | Lost Pig | Horse Master | City of Secrets

My favorite of Round 01 is definitely Planetfall. It his all the right buttons for me: puzzles that make sense, a sizable map to construct, an engaging story, Floyd. Yes, it has the old school text adventure things I don’t like; eating, sleeping and unwinnable states.

Horse Master is the title I cared for least. I liked the story and loved the writing but the choices seem superficial and, at least as of now, I don’t like twine as a medium. There are plenty of Twine games on The List! so maybe I will have my mind changed by the end of this project.

Four of the titles in Round 01 are structured in a way where you, the player, are figuring out what has happened before you’re interactions with the game. 9:05 specifically dealing with the players expectations to do this, while Planetfall and City of Secrets is about the player character discovering information about the past. Lost Pig sits somewhere in the middle here because Grunk, the PC of Lost Pig (but also not really the PC) it too dumb to understand that they are learning anything.

Of course all of these games are in my TOP 10, I’ve only played the five of them so far. The only one I see staying in the top for a while is Planetfall. (What if i had said 9:05?) While playing the rest of the games in Round 01 I kept thinking back to Planetfall, missing it, and looking forward to diving into Stationfall, the sequel. (I have Stationfall scheduled for Round 03 Game 05.)

Round Ranking:

  • Planetfall
  • City of Secrets
  • 9:05
  • Lost Pig
  • Horse Master

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