Round 06

Violet – Jeremy Freese

A game about needing to finish writing a paper for your grad program. As a poorly educated lout, Violet, as described, holds little interest for me. I guess there is also a girlfriend, though, and I do relate to that. I mean, I have a wife, which is like a double girlfriend.

Bable – Ian Finley

In this game, you play as an amnesiac inside Babel, an abandoned Arctic facility devoted to biological research. I wanted to stop the description at amnesiac, but the rest of it sounds a bit cooler. It actually reminds me of Tacoma by Fullbright, a game I need to go back to at some point. I’m just tired of the amnesia trope.

Spellbreaker – Dave Lebling

[T]he riveting conclusion to the Enchanter trilogy. I guess we’ll see about that.

Suveh Nux – David Fisher

Describe by Emily Short as, A brief, charming game with puzzles centered on a neat magical grammar. The system is well-designed and internally consistent, the puzzles are fun to solve, and there are lots of rewards for experimenting. For the most part the solutions are not too difficult, either, but there’s a hint system, just in case. An Emily Short seal of approval goes a long way for me.

The Lurking Horror – Dave Lebling

While I am tired of the amnesia trope, I am still into Lovecraftian horror. I play a lot of board games solo and the games that get the most table time are Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror, and Mansions of Madness.