Round 05

Sorcery! – Steve Jackson and inkle

An app based game that relies heavily on “roll to succeed” mechanisms, Sorcery! is an adaptation of a Choose Your Own style book. I tried those type of books as a kid and did not enjoy them. Looking back I feel like I should have enjoyed them but never did.

Open Sorcery – Abigail Corfman

Another app game. Another game I began and didn’t finish. I don’t think I abandoned the game out of dislike, I think it just wasn’t good at holding my attention at a time when I had so many other things going on (I had returned to school full time, was working a lot, and going through a long and drawn out custody battle).

Sorcerer – Steve Meretzky

The follow up to Enchanter, I have all three titles slotted in the same enthusiasm pot. I’m glad all three game are on The List!, it would be awkward if they weren’t. (And that ends the sorcery/socerer run of unWinnable State.)

Cryptozookeeper – Robb Sherwin

I really hope I can find a way to play Cryptozookeeper. It looks bizarre and punk as fuck and that is what I need in my life. The entire reason it is not a tier one game for me is because I don’t know if I can get it to work.

Bogeyman – Elizabeth Smyth

You can go home when you learn to be good. That’s a pretty good about the story section. I’m in 100%.