Round 04

Adventure – William Crowther and Donald Woods

The super granddaddy of all text Adventure games (see, it’s right there in the name). I’m sure it has it’s merits but nobody call the first movie ever made one of the best.

80 Days – inkle, Meg Jayanth

An app game I have been avoiding from its release, in large part due to its choice based interface. I also am averse to steampunk.

Enchanter – Marc Blank, Dave Lebling

I briefly gave Enchanter a go many years ago and quickly got mad at having to eat. In a world where I have played and completed Planetfall I can perhaps be a little more forgiving of that.

Chlorophyll – Steph Cherrywell

I saw a bit of a review that seemed to favorably compare Chlorophyll to Stationfall. Is that a reason to be enthused about this title? Probably not, but it did it for me anyway.

Worlds Apart – Suzanne Britton

Another title that I played some years back. I recall being enthralled with it but not having the fortitude to stick it out to the end. That will be a recurring theme throughout this project. Very much excited about digging into this one again.