You Will Select A Decision Review


This is a Spoiler-y continuation of the review for You Will Select A Decision. If you have not read the Spoiler Free review yet, you can find it here.

The following may contain detailed information about the plot and puzzles of You Will Select A Decision. Read at your own risk.

You can win “Small Child in Woods” in one page turn by choosing to stay inside, following your parents rules.

Hennessy’s writing is great and has me very much looking forward to their two other titles on The List!; Known Unknowns and Birdland.


When I say very pregnant I mean two-days-away-from-the-due-date pregnant.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite passages (they are all from “Cow Farming Activities on the Former West” because I played that one on my own):

You tread upstaircase, carefully toeing around the female prostitutes strewn about. One lady, the largest and presumably greatest in power, approaches you with a wink and a proposition: If you give her the money she will sell you a bit of some sex and make you a paramour.
You calmly hold up hand, “No thank you friend. I am a heterosexual female or homosexual male. I do not interest in your advances.”

“…a masked killer, who carried with him a powerful saw. ‘I AM THE WYOMING SAW MASSACRER,’ the killer announced with every kill. Each teen died in a grusesome and inventive way, too gruesome and too inventive to recount here! Soon there was no one left but one solitary teen, who was also killed. They say the killer still roams these areas, looking for more teens to kill.”

“…she laid down on the couch. She one last a small snack of human, took a pill of medication, and felt drowsy. ‘Tomorrow I will apply for a job,’ she told herself. Then she passed out. Victory end.”
“That story wasn’t very horrifying,” says a teen.
“I was going for realism,” you explain.
The teens leave the campfire session bewildered and unable to relate to your narrative. However, you are artistically satisfied.

Final Rating

A Very Pregnant Wife out of A New Born Baby

One thought on “You Will Select A Decision Review

  1. Great idea for a blog!

    “You Will Select A Decision” is very well-written and very funny. However, I’m not sure I would play it very often. The comedy is entertaining, but it didn’t really work as a game/adventure for me. I think I’d prefer it as a hardcopy, so I could pick it up and flip through it every now and again. Definitely worth a look.

    Liked by 1 person

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