Round 03 Reveal

The Titles for Round 03 are:

Augmented Fourth – Brian Uri!

An apparently absurd and IF in-jokey, puzzle fest of a game. I can get into a puzzle fest but IF in-jokes are not my brass key.

Eat Me – Chandler Groover

A one command game, maybe, not sure but I try not to dive to deep into figuring things like that out for fear of spoilers and the like.

Choice of Robots – Kevin Gold

The first Choice of… game from The List!, and as such, the first Choice of… game I will play. I have been skeptical of Twine and Choice of… games. I really enjoy the parser experience. On the other hand I am a sucker for robots.


I know I just claimed to be skeptical of Twine games but SPY INTRIGUE looks quirky, strange, and maybe intense. Those qualities describe some of my favorite things: Twin Peaks, Devo, and middle school band concerts.

Stationfall – Steve Meretzky

The sequel to the game that started me on this project. I really enjoyed playing Planetfall and can’t wait to give this one a go.

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