City of Secrets Review


This is a Spoiler-y continuation of the review for City of Secrets. If you have not read the Spoiler Free review yet, you can find it here.

The following may contain detailed information about the plot and puzzles of City of Secrets. Read at your own risk.

There is not a lot of spoiler-y things I want to say here.

The twist of Scheherazade being the ultimate villain did not sit well with me, it felt a little bit out of now where.


No hints were needed. Good for me.


At the end, after completing the game, you have access to a list of interesting things to try on a future play of City of Secrets. These may tempt me to give the game another go in the future. Here is the list:

  • make the concierge call out the guard to deal with you?
  • get the concierge to yell at the tour guide?
  • indulge in a little whittling?
  • change what shows up on Malik’s security tape when he first interviews you?
  • give the Enforcement Chief a lecture about robot design?
  • beat the game in the arcade shop?
  • make the mushroom-shaped advice machine give out nonsense?
  • read the book in the temple?
  • get the spiceseller to help you with the bug?
  • make the bookseller too angry to talk to you?
  • get shot by the scruffy man?
  • be thrown out by the hat shop lady?
  • get the attention of the juggler?
  • get the bartender really annoyed with you?
  • kiss Evaine?
  • be kissed by the holovid seller?
  • be called a kook by the holovid seller?
  • nearly get arrested, then be rescued by Evaine’s people?


Final Rating

Shhh… it’s a secret.

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