Lost Pig Review


This is a Spoiler-y continuation of the review for Lost Pig. If you have not read the Spoiler Free review yet, you can find it here.

The following may contain detailed information about the plot and puzzles of Lost Pig. Read at your own risk.

As much as I love Grunk, my favorite thing about Lost Pig is the little gnome man, and the slow reveal if his back story. The unfolding of the information that the gnome, claiming himself to be a simple caretaker of the place, is actually Zugilbor the Enchanter, is very well handled. Zugilbor has clearly holed himself up here, pitying himself for never having reached the full glory he sought for himself. So much fun to discover.

The gnome will also tell you many things about magic. Perhaps too many. While I appreciate the thought and work that went in to fleshing all this out, the conversation did become tedious after awhile.

If this game were the beginning of a larger series, the background lore would serve a greater purpose. And now that I mention it, the further adventures of Grunk is the most missing thing in my life right now. Perhaps having the information spread around and not so densely packed into one source would make getting the info less tiresome. It’s especially a bummer because it interrupts what is otherwise my favorite part of the game.

Now for the opposite of my favorite thing: The coin in the fountain. In order to find the coin you have to search the fountain. Why? I had already examined the fountain multiple times. I even tried to get in the fountain. Grunk was having none of it, But there no water! Playing in fountain only fun when there water in fountain. In most situations, search is a useless command, examining something should include searching it. Especially in this case, examining a fountain includes looking inside of the fountain, where the coin sits naked to the world.


I did need three hints to complete the game.

The first was for finding the coin, I’ve talked about it, boo, lets move on.

Getting the piece of paper from out of the crack. I sat in it. I stewed in it. And when I finally broke down and got a hint for it I felt dumb for not figuring it out. I had been wandering around using the sooty extinguished torch to put black marks all over everything, of course I needed to change the color of the color magnet to black to attract the white paper. It’s one of those “I cant believe I didn’t think of that” moments.

The final hint I needed was for what I feel is a slightly dubious puzzle. Grunk needs to find a particular book for the gnome. The book is on the very top of some shelves. Shelves that are described as empty when encountered.

There lots of shelfs in this room. Them on every wall. This room probably have lots and lots of thing in it before. But shelfs all empty now. Grunk not see any thing there at all. Maybe Grunk see more if Grunk have torch that on fire. But probably not, because lots of light come from northwest doorway.

Even when Grunk have torch that on fire:

There lots of shelfs in this room. Them on every wall. This room probably have lots and lots of thing in it before. But shelfs all empty now. Grunk not see any thing there at all.

Sure, when you examine the shelf you get, Lots of metal shelfs, all hooked to wall. Grunk not see anything on those shelfs. But Grunk not see up on top shelf, because that one too high up, but up to this point the game is telling me that there is nothing on the shelfs. Slightly dubious!!!


I found a type-o. One time Zugilbur is spelled Zigilbur.


Final Rating

The piggy that had roast beef.

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